The Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) is a city-driven, non-profit organisation. The overall objective is to create a Smart City market. OASC was founded in January 2015 and came to life with the first wave of cities joining in March 2015. OASC continues to grow.

OASC kickstarts the use of a shared set of methods to develop systems and make them interoperable across a single city as well as between multiple cities. Today’s smart cities are pioneering solutions that improve local practices while promoting sustainable job creation. OASC provides the network for cities all over the world to share best practices, compare results, and avoid vendor (and city) lock-in while advocating for de facto standards.

Smart City market through four de facto standards

Global de facto standards for portability and interoperability provide a clear path to creating a true global market for smart city services. OASC advocates cities to adopt four simple mechanisms as de facto standards. The first mechanism is a driven-by-implementation approach: This implies, among other things, that communities and developers can co-create their services.

The other three mechanisms are technical: an API, a set of data models, and an open data platform, which are described more precisely in the OASC Background Document (PDF).



Companies benefit from the OASC initiative as they can now offer services that comply with these mechanisms to help cities with implementation. Interested companies can be listed on the initiative website and can join us at events.

The initiative is governed by the OASC Task Force and overseen by the Connected Smart Cities Network Board. However, cities remain in charge and each country is represented on the Task Force with one Task Force member.

How to join

If your city is interested in joining the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative please follow the steps listed below:

  • I’m representing a city. How can we join the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative?
    • Any city in the world can join by signing the Letter of Intent. But before you do so, you must team up with at least one other city from your country and join at the same time. You must also prove that you have the capacity to implement the mechanisms, as described in the Background Document. Send and email to info@oascities.org to let us know if you’re considering joining the initiative, or if you have further questions.
  • When can we join?
    • The deadline for expressing interest is June 1st, 2017 (the 6th wave). The launch of the 6th wave will take place at the IoT Week in Geneva, June 6-9.
  • Who should sign?
    • The actual signatory differs from city to city: some times it is the mayor, the CEO, CIO or CTO, the local head of smart city initiatives, or someone from an innovation unit. In some countries, there is an existing mature national network of cities which can sign on behalf of the others.
  • What do we sign up for?
    • By signing, you declare your explicit intent to implement the mechanisms within one year.
  • Is there a fee?
    • No.
  • Where do the resources to operate the secretariat and activities come from?
    • Frontrunner cities and networks (“Angel City Investors”) know this is an important initiative and have provided personnel and resources to operate the secretariat and activities throughout the startup phase. Let us know if and how you want to contribute.
  • Where can we meet other cities in the initiative?
    • There are meet-up opportunities often co-located with existing national and international events. Follow this website for more information. Feel free to propose a meet-up. If you’re an event organiser, you can host a conference session on Open & Agile Smart Cities. Please send an email to info@oascities.org.
  • How do we link up with other cities in our country?
    • When one or more cities in a new member country want to explore the possibilities of joining the initiative, they should call a meeting among the cities they find relevant and target a common deadline. We can help – just send an email to info@oascities.org.
  • Why can’t we join alone, just one city from our country?
    • The initiative requires at least two cities per country in order to encourage city collaboration on a national level. This strengthens collaboration and development across political, economic and cultural spheres.
  • Can more cities from a country join later?
    • Yes.


In the video below, Arjen Hof, Director of Civity, explains the reasons for the Dutch cities to join the Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative in 2015.